Marco Furlotti

Author and illustrator, he was born in Parma in April 1978.. 

In 1997 he enrolled in the faculty of chemistry, (repenting immediately for the choice), at the end of his studies he sought and found work in Milan to attend and self-support the School of Comics in via Savona

He paints historical figures in acrylic, placing himself internationally and after publishing comics and small works he moves towards illustration for children. Painting in watercolor, with the landscape of the Emilian hills in his eyes following the Milanese interlude, he made his debut in 2012 with 200 Aesop’s fables for the English publisher Miles Kelly (UK). In the following years, Orsopanda for Acco Editore (ITA), Malasorte for Arcadia Editrice (ITA) and a small list of books for LeBrumaie (ITA) and LAlbero editore (ITA) follow. In 2014 he began a long collaboration with NuiNui publisher for children, with which he published, among others, the successful series of The Dragon and the Mouse, translated and published in various languages ​​and countries of the world. For FlowerPotPress (USA) the Snuggles series (1 and 2), The Peace Dragon and Life is beautiful by Keb ‘Mo’ stand out.

Today, after long planning, in addition to collaborating with various publishers, he approaches the world of start-ups and designs genre self-productions: role play manuals, cards, picture books, continuing to be guided by the stars of the night and the flow of his watercolors.